I have a lot of stuff to catch up on in terms of blogging. I’m very behind ;3; Probably the next few entries will be a bit scrappy, but I want to get stuff down, at least. So!

Typically, I got a cold on the plane back from NYC so that, coupled with the cold I had before leaving for the trip, and the actual trip itself, means I’m about a month behind work ;_; I honestly think my immune system is having a laugh. (And then choking on its own phlegm).

I need to say, quickly, that New York Comicon was awesome. Everyone in NYC was so nice O_O; It made me feel like I wanted to be more polite than usual, haha. Also: I’m a real home-person… I stress if I leave the house for long periods of time, even, but I actually felt sad coming home from NYC. I liked it that much there. I really hope I have the chance to go back again!

Neither Paul or I had much of a chance to look around the convention (or NYC itself), but what we did see was great. We had a tiny amount of time to do like an obstacle course race round the Artist’s Alley… which in itself was staggering. The art there was like being in some kind of sweet-shop. It would be good to go there as a punter one time, so we could just look around.

Talking is less interesting than looking (I think), so here’s some pics under the cut…

This was the view from our hotel window. We were staying at the New Yorker, which was a big pile of Deco and I liked it a lot. I just love cities so much. I grew up in a village with no shops, barely anything except a duck pond, a phone box and some houses, with one bus per week (on a wednesday), and it’s not something I’m ever keen to go back to. Cities are brilliant.

Here’s a shot of the Freakangels stuff we were pimping from the Avatar stand. It was good times. The Avatar guys are really nice. It was good to have a lot of support for Freakangels. We made sure we said thanks to those who supported buying the trade editions!

Some of Paul’s CROSSED covers, mixed in with some by other artists ^^

Some CROSSED masks. These were kinda neat.

Paul signed about three billion plates for the SuperSpecial Editions of Freakangels. (The squiggle above is Warren’s). I tried to say supportive things when he reached the billionth one. He did well.

Well… this amused me. I just… it makes me laugh.

On the monday, we had a few hours to look around NYC before we flew home. We spent the time in Central Park (PARK!? It’s a fucking entire country!!) with Emma & Andrew. It was pleasant times. We saw lots of interesting things, including black squirrels! The squirrels in America are nuts. They were hopping about like they were on drugs or something.

One tree received all the love.

I tried to eat as many junk items as possible. On the monday, I got a snow cone.

It wasn’t so great.

But yeah! The whole trip was great. I got to meet a few of my comic-heroes as well, which was pretty priceless. Paul & I did interviews for MTV Geek, but I don’t think they’re live yet. I kinda don’t want to see mine, anyway ^^; The plane flight home, illness aside, was really cool! There was a thunderstorm, and we rode right into it! It was like being in a horror film – surrounded by smoggy-smog and flashing lights, haha.

Sigh… I miss it! I want to go back!

    • Ewan
    • October 27th, 2010 6:22pm

    See ya later Smuckers.

      • Kate
      • October 27th, 2010 6:25pm

      AHAHAHAHAH!!!! See? It’s funny, right?

  1. Awww Haha was that snow cone really that bad? I really need to make a trip to New York! I’ve missed out twice now. Next Time Gadget!!

      • Kate
      • October 27th, 2010 6:59pm

      Omg! Yes, you’d really love it! Yeah, the Snow Cone was… it just tasted of nothing. I was hoping for some good E numbers on my tongue, but to no avail.

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