Influence Map

That low-level virus turned into a high-level virus… T_T; I’m out of bed now, anyway, and I need to get on with work. So, first things first: Doug from SMH asked me & the other SMH artists to try that Influence Map meme that deviantArt spawned, so they could take it round bookfairs to show the kinds of things we were interested in as artists. I had a few minutes after finishing colouring today, so I tried it out.

Well, I think my influences are pretty obvious, and I’m sure I’ve spoken about them a million times before, but just in case you’re desperate to know or have Kate-based-amnesia, here they are again:

I think everyone in the world has done this by now, but if you want to try, the original file is here:

Okaayyy… now I need to rest a bit. I have a workshop on Friday and I still can’t speak clearly ;_; Also next week is New York, and if I’m still ill for that, I’m not going to be happy.

  1. I’ve never made an influence map before – but now that I see one, it makes a lot of sense to make for various pegs. Do you use a specific program for that or do you just drag the photos onto a blank surface?

    Adam J.

  1. September 28th, 2010