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Faith Says You – complete trilogy

It’s finally happened! We’re on the last Kickstarter campaign, which finishes off the Faith Says You trilogy. Actually, I can barely believe we’re here. I finished 99% of the book last October (just had tweaks and proofing to do), but due to Brexit and Covid, it seemed like not-the-best time to try doing a campaign. I waited a little bit… and here we are now. The final book title bookends the first title: It’s Dark Outside, But The Sky Is Full of Stars.

I hired Paul to make the video! Isn’t it great?? I’m so happy with it. It the first time I included a video to a project, and I thought it was worhtwhile for the final one! (Also there was so much more material to pick from, haha). Along with the books, I also decided to make a pin-badge for the project. It’s based on Joanna’s phone, and has glow-in-the-dark bits and obviously I am dead excited about it!

I’ve got a lot of feelings about this project. At the moment I can’t focus on any of them though, haha! Maybe when the campaign is over, finally…