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Influence Map

That low-level virus turned into a high-level virus… T_T; I’m out of bed now, anyway, and I need to get on with work. So, first things first: Doug from SMH asked me & the other SMH artists to try that Influence Map meme that deviantArt spawned, so they could take it round bookfairs to show the kinds of things we were interested in as artists. I had a few minutes after finishing colouring today, so I tried it out.

Well, I think my influences are pretty obvious, and I’m sure I’ve spoken about them a million times before, but just in case you’re desperate to know or have Kate-based-amnesia, here they are again:

I think everyone in the world has done this by now, but if you want to try, the original file is here:

Okaayyy… now I need to rest a bit. I have a workshop on Friday and I still can’t speak clearly ;_; Also next week is New York, and if I’m still ill for that, I’m not going to be happy.

Not dead yet…

Just as a quick update, since I don’t like to keep my journal so silent…

I’ve been a bit ill for a while with some crappy low-level virus, and over-working as usual. I ended up lining pages in bed the other day and strained all the muscles in my neck and shoulder as well. Yes, it has been fun here. Thankfully, I have now got a lovely flatting assistant to help out with my comic, which makes me feel a bit less stressed ^^ Selecting a flatter was actually really tough work, and I do not envy people who need to make hard choices and log people’s progress/efforts on a regular basis O_O; I really thought I’d only get one or two people apply… though it turned out to be way more than that, and as such took quite a while to get it all settled. At least it’s settled now!

*sniff* *coughcough* Anyways, I need to scan more pages… wooo…. T_T;


Phew. Well. You know that thing where you’re meant to be revising and you go and learn something else instead (I tried to learn a totally different language instead of French for my GCSEs), or that thing where you’re meant to be getting married or whatever and you go and elope with a different person (that happens, right?)… this is my equivalent for comics. I guess. I’m nearing the end of doing roughs for Matryoshka, so, I’m having a freak-out.

It’s way too much for me to be doing, but it was good to let loose and make sketches in a non-committal way. Check out those non-committal shoes. They are so non-committal.

Anyway, that’s Max. I made this as a twin piece for that Denica sketch. I feel like I’ve got more of a hang on what I want Max to look like now. Specifically, he should exude the air of someone who parts his hair with a ruler. He doesn’t really have a sense of humour. I’m massively looking forward to working with him.

(…one day.)