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16th Sept '19 Hello everyone! Excellent news - the second book in my trilogy is live in Kickstarter! Please click here to take you to the campaign for Faith Say You vol2: I Know You Are, But What Am I? My Gallery and Comic sections of this site have been updated accordingly :D Other than that, I'm doing a huge amount of work for The Firelight Isle - at present, I am thumbnailing, drawing and flatting/colouring it. Of course Paul is adding the final touches that make it his! If you want to get a close look at how exactly we're teaming up to make this comic, Paul goes into massive detail on his Patreon - and if you decide join up, please know that it makes a HUGE difference to us in being able to make this project for you! Thank you so much - take care for now!

23rd May '18 Woo, haha, it has been a while! I've moved house and had all sort of things going on. The great news is that I have finally prepared the first book of my long-running project for publication through Kickstarter! I'm so very excited and really hope we can fund it together! It's called Faith Says You; please click here to take you to the Faith Says You vol1: It's Dark Outside Kickstarter project page. In other news, two more series of the Tamsin series by myself and Neill Cameron have been completed in the pages of The Phoenix Comic: Tamsin & The Dark and Tamsin & the Days. Both Tamsin & the Deep and Tamsin & the Dark have both been collected for trade paperback through DFB. I've been doing a few other things, both on the animation side and the colouring side! Animation-wise, I contributed to Paul Duffield's promo video for his Kickstarter for The Firelight Isle, and I am also the official colourist for the webcomic now. By the way, did you know you can help out with the running costs by joining the Patreon...? Also! I am actually at a convention this year! Yes! I will be tabling at Thought Bubble in September! I hope to see you there! Bye bye!

13th Feb '15 I have new comic out! It's called The Unicorn and the Woodsman. You can see samples on my Comics page, and you can buy it in my shop. Ships worldwide! The series I was drawing with Neill Cameron in The Phoenix, Tamsin & the Deep, has just come to a close. Please look out for its sequel, Tamsin & the Dark! In other news, I am very excited to be drawing a guest issue for The Wicked + The Divine! I'm doing the Inanna issue, yay! It will be out in the summer. I have updated the conventions I hope to be at this year. Bye bye!

4th Apr '14 Getting over the mess my shoulder left me in! And I have a surprise new comic! I'm working with Neill Cameron on the new on-going series, Tamsin and the Deep, running in the Phoenix Comic from issue #118! He's writing, I'm drawing! It's an exciting story and you should definitely check it out! I left more infro about it on my Comics section. I'm also doing colouring work for the next Alex Rider comic books (by Antony Johnston and Emma Vieceli), and I'm still working hard on my next big (VERY BIG! 300 pages!) creator-owned book. Well, I hope you're all good! Bye! ^_^/

18th Nov '13 I've been off for a long time with a shoulder injury! :( But, the animation I produced with Paul Duffield and Ewan Parry is up in the Tower of London (more details here), along with illustrations we made for the Bowyer Tower hoarding (more info when I get around to it!) I've updated my shop with more prints and originals. See you all at Thought Bubble! I'm taking next year off from conventions, and will be back in 2015!

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True Believers, 21st March '15 Exhibiting/behind table, more TBC
Preston Comic Con, 1st August '15 Exhibiting/behind table, more TBC
Thought Bubble Festival, 14th/15th Nov '15 Exhibiting/behind table, more TBC
Thought Bubble Festival, 22nd/23rd Sept '18 Exhibiting/behind table
Planning for Thought Bubble 2020!

...more as and when I can confirm!

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