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24th June '13 Young Avengers #6 is out REALLY soon! I got to do the art for this issue! You should definitely be following this series if you're not already! Minor updates in the Gallery section, and I've culled the News section and put old news neatly in an archive. Take care everyone!

06th March '13 It's the start of my new boardgame series in The Phoenix, MEDIEVAL GAMES! The first is in Issue #62 - check out my updated Comics section for info. If you play them, let me know how you got on! There are more to come, so keep an eye out!

26th November '12 Excellent news! NELSON was crowned Best Book in the 2012 British Comic Awards! Huge congrats to Woodrow and Rob, and yay for everyone who was a part of the book! My comic, The Lost Boy, was also nominated in the Young People's Category! I was very happy. In other news, I've updated my gallery section. Take care!

07th August '12 More updated events at the base of this page! I've also put more snippets of The Lost Boy in the comics section, and updated my gallery with work from a recent illustration project. I'm in-between major comics projects now, so more news as soon as I'm able to reveal it! Keep an eye on my blog, as that is where I collate most of my major news. Take care, everyone!

15th March '12 Updated events at the base of this page, and also updated my comics section to include bits of NELSON and The Lost Boy!

15th Dec '11 Updated the Comics section with recent work, and updated my events at the bottom of this page. I've got a few sketches I need to update soon as well (that section is getting big, eh!) and don't forget to subscribe to The Phoenix, which is launching really really really soon! As in January 7th soon! Check out my blog for lots of Phoenixy and Lost Boy-related details under its own category, here! :)

12th Sept '11 Just a reminder that Fish + Chocolate is now available BIGGER and in a hardback edition with SelfMadeHero! It's beautiful and I am really happy!

4th May '11 Thanks to everyone who made it along to the exhibition opening at Orbital last weekend! It was great to see you all. I've updated the gallery section with new art, aaaand... well, that's about it! Hope to see people at upcoming events this year!

4th April '11 My book, Fish + Chocolate, is now available to buy in the shop area of my site! Please enjoy the book and drop me a line if you have any problems with checkout or purchase. Secondly, Paul Duffield and I will be having an exhibition at Orbital Comics from the beginning of May, please check this blog post for detailed information and I hope to see you there!

3rd March '11 HUGE sketchdump added to the gallery, and finally I have completed Fish + Chocolate, so please stay tuned for news of its release very soon! In the meantime, I have updates the comics section of my site with the cover and some page previews. I'm attending several shows this year and I will be bringing the book with me - check the bottom of the page to see the events I'll be attending, and I hope to see you there! In other excellent news, the most awesome team behind The DFC will be bringing you The Phoenix! Please give all your support to this new comic!

03rd August '10 New illustrations, sketches, and good news! Very happy to announce that The Spider Moon has been nominated for the Northern Graphic Novel Award 2010, alongside some truly awesome books. Also, my blog is back online... just about, anyway!

29th May '10 Due to continuous problems with hosting, I've just moved my site to a new home. Things are a little haywire right now, so many apologies if bits and pieces are not working...!

21st January '10 I'm exceptionally honoured to have received the award for the 2010 Arts Foundation Fellowship Graphic Novels category. The funding and support will be invaluable; I plan to use it to fund my current self-published project, Fish + Chocolate. For more information on its progress, you can click right to my journal under the tag f+c.

19th November '09 Pleased to announce I have been shortlisted for The Arts Foundation category for Graphic Novels! As always, my journal is a good place for current news. Updated gallery section, along with comics section.

09th July '09 Major over-haul! Click everything! Woah!

20th March '09 I've updated the gallery section with several new pieces. Also, some of you may be aware of the sad demise of The DFC... I'll post any updates or developments on this situation on my journal! Thanks for your support!

events archive

Exhibition @ Orbital Comics May 1st-29th, private view April 30th 7-9pm
London MCM Expo, May 27-29th '11 Exhibiting/behind table
Bristol Comic Expo, May 14-15th '11 Exhibiting/behind table
Caption Con, August 5th - 7th '11 Exhibiting/behind table
2011 BC, August 27th '11 Exhibiting/behind table
London MCM Expo, October 29th - 30th '11 Exhibiting/behind table
Thoughtbubble Festival, November 19th - 20th '11 Exhibiting/behind table/panel guest
Malta Comic Con, November 26th - 27th '11 Exhibiting/behind table/workshop
Signing at KOMIX, December 10th '11 Exhibiting/behind table/workshop
Glasgow Film Festival, details TBA Speaking in general about my work and Q&A
Kapow! Convention, 19th-20th May18th '12 Panel and signing
Laydeez Do Comics, June 18th '12 Speaking about Fish + Chocolate along with my publisher, SelfMadeHero
N.I.C.E, September 22nd-23rd '12 Exhibiting/behind table, more TBC
Thought Bubble, November 11th-18th '12 Exhibiting/behind table, more TBC
2D Festival, May 30th-June 2nd '13 Exhibiting/behind table, more TBC