The Lost Boy for The Phoenix

Woop! Woop! Woop! The Phoenix Comic has announced “The Lost Boy” – the strip I’m making! I’m so happy I finally get to speak about this. I’ve been sitting on it since like spring, and have had seriously itchy fingers wanting to blog/tweet about it, haha! Here’s a poster image:

It’s… actually still a bit difficult to speak about it much due to the nature of the story. I can’t tell you what the characters are called yet, for instance ^_~ Hopefully all will become clear in January when TLB starts its run from Issue One of The Phoenix! Are you excited…? BECAUSE I AM OH GOD I AM SO MUCH.

…in terms of work-load, I’ve been working on the script, thumbmails, design and rough pages alongside this poster. I’ve just put my pen down after roughing the fourth episode. I’m having sooooo much fun with this story…!

P.S. Do you recognise the fluffy lilac things in the back of that poster…? ;D

  1. Wheeee!!! Sweet!! looks great, I have no idea what the fluffle purple things are but man, I want on! Do I want one? Do they smell? And bite? Oxy-bulldog things; don’t want! They can stay in the poster. ‘cos I bet they DO smell, and they DO bite!

    Hope you’re good buddy! :D:D:D

      • Kate
      • October 12th, 2011 11:40am

      What’s uuuuuuuuuup! :D Hahaha, I will package one of the purple things up and send it along. They take good care of themselves and only need brushing occasionally. They smell like parma violets. I hope this is okay.

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