Titles and Planning

It’s my birthday today! I still need to work, but I thought I’d do something fun, so I’m planning the layouts and title pages for Fish & Chocolate ^_^/ It’s going quite well!

It might be too small to see in the scrappy scribbles in my sketchbook there, but the total page count stands at 144! O_O; That’s bigger than I first planned it. I’m pleased! :D I’m excited to have a fat book.

I have ideas for poster images for each story. I would really like to make them as promo pieces (perhaps get them printed as postcards…?) but it’ll depend on time. If I do it, it’ll probably be after the book has been sent off to print, so I wouldn’t be able to put them in the book.

At least, not for the first printing… ^_~

  1. Oooh! :D Poster images would be awesome!

      • Kate
      • January 21st, 2011 4:55pm

      I KNOOWWWWW. I’ve got plans… just need time to follow through with plans. NEED MORE TIME! UGH!!

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