YA Pages

I… don’t think I ever put these up! I forget to synch stuff that goes on my blog and stuff that goes on my site, sometimes ^^; Anyway! Here’s some unlettered pages from Young Avengers issue 6, The Toll:



(Tommy puts 123932897429837470000000 sugars in his coffee. Because he needs that on top of everything else.) The panel where he smacks David in the arm at the bottom of that first page is my fave panel I made for the issue ^_^ I dunno why, I was just pleased with how it came out. You know, when something finally matches up with the image you have in your head for it? That happened there! I also really like the water cooler I drew at the top of that second page. It kinda pleases me. Why? NO CLUE! Oh and Mr Not-Mekon has his little beanie to keep his head warm. That was fun to do too. Oh, and minty-horned guy! Man this was fun.

The trades for YA are out now! You should get them! From a comics shop!!!!

Byeeeeee! ^_^/

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