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Let’s talk about comics! :D

First up is Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits, with writing by Vera Greentea and interiors/cover by Laura Müller. Check it out here! Laura’s art is so vibrant & lovely, and there is one delightful panel in which Nena’s hair swirls into rather creepy black sound effects :D Vera & Laura have constructed a charming piece of work, so if you enjoy the first issue, you’re in luck as it’s a 1 of 4! ^_^

Secondly, I read Porcelain! This is the much-anticipated book from Improper Books, written by Ben Read and with art by Chris Wildgoose with Andre May and Alexa Rosa, with letters by Jim Campbell. Check it out here! I believe it is on limited release to certain comics shops, so have a scour! And seems the digital version is up for release later this year. Anyway! I’ve been pretty excited about this book — the sample edition I got at Thought Bubble read so well, and the story was totally up my street with its seemingly Bluebeard-esque overtones & adorbs characters. So, I was super stoked to find the entire book is one solid mass of really good comics. If you can pick this up, I recommend you do so!

Lastly, I got a lucky chance to recieve a commission from one of my long-time favourite artists, Natalia Pierandrei! I have been such a fan of hers for many years, and I’m totally in love with this piece I got!

I’m sure most people reading this will be familiar with her work anyway, but just in case you’ve not seen her beautiful ink/marker/watercolour work, you must check it out here. I believe Nati has a comic in the works as well, Mademoiselle Rose, so, obviously I’m excited for this! Squeak!! :D

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