I live and work full-time making comics in Northamptonshire, UK. I like comics (obviously), sea creatures (particularly crustaceans), dogs, aquariums, snails, dolls and figurines and puppets, rainy weather, lifting, soup, sandwiches, cartoons, books, films and music. I am unable to make muffins, and this makes me quite sad. I was born in 1984.

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+ Do you go to any conventions/comics events?
I love comics events, and try and get along if I can to as many as I can. I'll keep where and when I'm at an event (and if I have a table or not) on the front page. Hope to see you there!

+ What's your process?
Most of my published work is sketched in either on paper or in Photoshop, and then lined by pencil on A3 Bristol Board, scanned back in to Photoshop and coloured/finished. At the moment, I am creating work from start to finish digitally. This is for many reasons - some time-saving, some space-saving, some joint-saving...!

+ Are you represented by an agent?
I am! Represented by Abner Stein.

+ Can I take any of your images for website layouts, icons, my school project, etc.?
Please email me and ask before doing anything with any of my work! Thank you! Dependant on context you may be able to do so. Just shoot me an email!

+ Can you send me any of your work or files for me to use for website layouts, icons, my school project, etc.?
See above. In some cases I will direct you to the publisher of the work.

+ Will you be making more of The Spider Moon?
I'm afraid I have no plans to do so, I'm sorry for this. Emails regarding this topic may go unanswered.

+ Can I email you about something that's not covered in this FAQ?
You can, and I will do my best to answer.

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