Main cast for Faith Says You — exploratory sketches. (It’s set in the 90’s).

chara tests-smaller



The comic’s sort of two/three-tone colour (see the bottom of my previous post!) which is something I’ve not done since like I was… well, about the same age as these guys! I’d been feeling that my colouring was a bit over-done at the time that I started developing the visual style for FSY, and I’d also wanted something that was going to be very easy to create, so that I could pencil/ink/colour/letter a page a day (or more) for sure. It’s a long book, clocking in at 300 pages, and is quite wordy, too, so I didn’t want full-on colours and full-on text and full-on everything, as I reckoned it would be too overwhelming.

I have just finished up with the lettered thumbnail draft (I do my thumbnails large)! I got a few bits to edit, and then it’s good to go. And… I need to just find time to actually draw it ^^;

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